Henry Reynolds Biography


There are still copies of the Henry Reynolds biography available. Please contact Anthea Hiscock via email  or 01327 843319. Whilst we have copies available, the price is still  £20.00. Once the current stock has gone, the price may change.

Celebrating Courage


We  have produced a souvenir of the events which took place in September  2017 to celebrate Captain Henry Reynolds winning the Victoria Cross at  the Battle of Passchendaele. The price is £4.79 plus postage. If you  would like to purchase a copy, click on the link below.

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Whilton Parish 2012


If   you are new to the village, or did not buy a copy originally, our  photobook to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is now on sale  again. The price is £28.99 plus postage.

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Living in the Gap


Our local history expert, Anthea Hiscock, has written a book 'Living in the Gap'   covering the history of Whilton during the period 1,000-2,000 AD.  If   you would like a copy (281pp price £12.99) please ring Anthea on 01327   843319 or email her.